Alte Salzstraße Halle-Prag e.V.



The Old Salt Route through Europa, Saxony and Bohemia

More than 1000 years ago an important way of long-distance trade went from the North Sea up to the Mediterrean; it also crossed the Ore Mountains, which was calles “Miriquidi”. This way leads from the Old Viking town Haithabu to Lüneburg via Lübeck continuing via Magdeburg, Halle and Leipzig to Waldheim. From that point the Old Salt road crossed the Miriquidi, from Oederan and Sayda to Prag via Brüx (Most) and continued to Venezia (Adria) and Istanbul (Constantinoble). On this route of commerce they transported a lot of goods; coats, amber, silk and jewelleries, but also slaves. Years later they carried especially salt from the saltines of Halle in all neighbouring regions and countries. This Old trade road took across mule tracks (bohemian paths) through the Miriquidi (dark forest), the border mountains between Saxony and Bohemia. Already more than 100 years ago, many communities in the Ore Mountains began with the touristy development of the trade route, so called the Old Salt road. Today this aged trade-way is going from strengh to strengh to an way of experience through one of the manifolding and intersting regions in the middle of Europe.